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How do you request a signed print
If you would like to request a signed photograph you must first make a formal request to Buckingham Palace in writing or you can contact us at Royal Images to check if you are eligable to receive a signed print. The issuing of signed prints is very strict and you will not be able to order a signed print unless you qualify by satisfying one or more of the following criteria's. To qualify, the Royal Family member must be one or more of the following -
  • the patron of your organisation
  • a personal friend
  • a senior member of the armed forces and satisfy the criteria set down by the MOD (please refer to MOD info)
  • a member of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and satisfy information set down by the FCO
  • a visit is due to take place or has taken place and the signed print is to mark the occasion of that visit
  • to replace an old signed photograph issued many years ago and the signature or print has faded

If you qualify due to one of the above reasons, what should you do next?
If you have already been given permission by Buckingham Palace (or the organising authority, FCO, MOD, Council etc) then you would have been given permission in writing stating that you are eligible to order a signed print from us. All you need to do now is send us a copy of the letter (by fax, scanned and emailed, or posted) and then carry on with ordering a signed print in the normal manner via this web site.

If you do not qualify as listed but feel that you still qualify, what should you do?
If you feel that you qualify for a signed print but the reason is not listed above then please contact us giving us the full information of your application and we will advise you if you qualify or not. Alternatively, you can write to The Chief Clerk, Private Secretary's Office, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA and put your application in writing to the Chief Clerk.

What happens if your application is successful?
Once you are sure that you qualify to order a signed print you can place your order online (or if you are a government department then we may invoice you if you prefer) for your signed print. Once we receive your order and the proof of your authorisation to receive a signed print we will start to process your order in the normal way. This process will mean that your print is produced, sent to Buckingham Palace for signing, collected from Buckingham Palace, framed if ordered, packaged and sent to you. This process can take up to three months so please allow plenty of time as it is very rare that an urgent request can be rushed through the process as it depends on the diary activities of the member of the Royal Family concerned.

If you are due to have a visit and would like the print signed at the visit?
If you are due to have a visit and have been told that you can have a signed print to mark the occasion then all you have to do is order a print in the normal way as the print will not be signed before sending back to you so there is no need for us to see the letter of authroisation. This therefore will only take approximately 14 days before the print is sent off to you. If you are unsure then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any further questions relating to the use of or how to order a signed or unsigned photograph then please contact us.

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