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& Restrictions

Frames Available

We offer two styles of framing - gilt and mahogany. The reason for this is that there are literally thousands of different frame mouldings available and we have found that these two mouldings best suit the images on available.

If possible, to help keep your cost down, you should try to have your print framed locally due to the additional cost that is incurred. When we frame your print you are paying for a lot more than just the frame as the packaging has to be very secure as we will be transporting glass via a courier and this packaging is very expensive. Also, the fee charged for sending the print to you is also increased due to the additional size of the packaging and the additional weight. This is far more critical when it comes to International orders as the fee charged by the courier is based on the volumetric weight of the packaging which is worked out by the overall dimensions of the packaging.

If you would like to know more information then please contact us and we can discuss your options with you.

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Usage & Restrictions

In all circumstances, the following rules apply regarding the use and display of all images.

Royal Images retains the copyright for all images shown on this web site or otherwise supplied by us.

  • No retouching is permitted whatsoever unless otherwise agreed in writing by Royal Images.
  • No image supplied by Royal Images is to be scanned for any other purpose (Internet or otherwise) without our written consent.
  • If the image is supplied for commercial use then you must notify us if any changes are made from your original application. If you fail to do this then you will be in breach of the copyright agreement and action will be taken.
  • When the image is sent to you it is your responsiblity to ensure it's protection and the protection of the copyright. This means that if you pass this image onto a printer for reproduction purposes then you must ensure that they do not use this image for any other project or purpose. If they do, then action will be brought against you as the image was released to you and your protection. It is your responsiblity to notify your suppliers that the image(s) are copyright protected and must not be used for anything else whatsoever.
  • No Cropping of any image(s) is permitted unless previously agreed in writing by Royal Images.
  • When an image is released for personal, commercial, charitable and community usage then these rules still apply.
  • No advertising of any company name or product is allowed near or next to any image of any member of the Royal Family without permission.
  • Additional restrictions may also be applied once your request has been reviewed but these points will be raised with you prior to granting you permission to use any image(s).
  • At no stage will exclusive permission be implied or granted for any image or for any project
  • No project will be given permission to use an image of any member of the Royal Family whereby Royal Images feels that it would have a negative affect on the Royal Family. Royal Images decision is FINAL.
  • Whenever an image is used it in print or otherwise it must carry our copyright notice -

IMPORTANT:    If You Do Not Find An Answer To Your Question Then Please Contact Us Immediately. Please Do Not Proceed With Your Project Without Permission As This Will Lead To Action Being Taken Against You And Any Costs Or Losses Regained From You.

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Privacy Policy

Royal Images are fully committed to protecting your privacy at all times and as such will never pass on your details to any other organisation at any time.. We will only use the information that we collect from you so that we can process your order and we may from time-to-time send you information which will help us to provide you with the best possible service.

You will not receive emails or correspondence from any other trader in the future due to you submitting your information to us. We do not pass on or sell on any of your information to any organisation without your permission (apart from Buckingham Palace and this will only in be done in order for us to be able to complete your order).

The type of information we will collect from you will vary depending on your request but may include:

  •   Your Name
  •   Your Business Name
  •   Your Business or Home Address
  •   Your Business or Home Phone Number
  •   Your Business or Personal e-mail Address
  •   Details about your order/event/project/enquiry

The information we hold will be as accurate and up to date as possible at the time of processing your order. You can check the information that we hold about you by e-mailing us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it immediately.

The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy. You may like to know that we do use technology to track the patterns of behavior of visitors to our web site but this information is limited and does not collect any personal information. This can include using a "cookie" which would be stored on your browser. You can usually modify your browser to prevent this happening if you wish. The information collected in this way may be used to identify you unless you modify your browser settings.

If you have any questions/comments about our privacy policy then please e-mail us.

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Copyright Information

This web site comprises of and contains copyright protected materials. All the words and images (including logos, graphics etc) are copyright protected and are the ownership of Royal Images. You may not distribute, copy, publish or use any images or text or any part of any of any image or text found on this web site in any way whatsoever. You must not alter, manipulate, add to or delete an image or text or any part of an image or text without our written consent. No images can be used for commercial purposes whatsoever without the written consent that can only be granted by Royal Images.

Royal Images are the only organisation that are able to give you permission to use any of the images or text found on this web site. If you are interested in using any of these images for commercial gain projects then you will need to contact us . Copyright for all the images remains with Royal Images at all times and Royal Images will never allow images to be used on an exclusive basis as the images are for mass usage and distribution by Royal Images.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a print?
Select the image(s) that you would like to order (make a note of the image reference number(s)), then click on the order form button which will take you to the on-line shopping area for purchasing the image(s).

How do I order a signed print?
In the first instance, all applications must be authorised by The Chief Clerk, Private Secretary's Office, Buckingham Palace. If authorisation is granted then you will receive a letter of authorisation to receive a signed print in order for you to place an order to receive a signed print you must provide us with a copy of this letter via post, or 
email. A copy of this letter will accompany the print to Buckingham Palace as proof of you being given authorisation.Please note, the issuing of signed prints is highly regulated and very rare but if you feel that you are in a position whereby you qualify then please write to - The Chief Clerk, Private Secretary's Office, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA. Please give a detailed explanation as to why you feel that you qualify to receive a signed print(s).Armed Forces, Foreign Offices and other Government Offices should refer to guidelines provided or if you prefer you may contact us for further information.

 How long does it take before my print is delivered?
Once your payment has been received your order will be delivered to you in approximately ten working days (excluding signed prints whereby it can take up to three months for delivery).

Are the prints mounted and ready to be framed?
Yes, all prints are delivered mounted and ready to be framed. If you do not want your print(s) mounted please contact us prior to ordering your print.

How do I pay for the print(s)?

There are two options available - by paying online by clicking on either the 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy it Now' buttons. Using this method means that your order will be processed straight away and will be despatched as soon as it is ready. Alternatively you may wish to send us a cheque made payable to Royal Images to: 

Royal Images
8 Stirling Way
Papworth Business Park
Papworth Everard
CB23 3GY

If you have any questions relating to invoices please call Mike O’Keefe on +44 (0)800 472 5577

Who is allowed to order a photograph of HM The Queen or HRH The Duke of Edinburgh?
Anybody is allowed to order a photograph of either HM The Queen or HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. But you must fulfill certain criteria before you can receive a signed photograph.

Finally, although everybody is entitled to order a photograph you must read and agree to the terms and conditions before placing your order with us.

Can I order a signed photograph?
Please refer to the section.

How do I get authorisation to order a signed photograph?
There are very strict rules relating to ordering a signed print but here are a few of the most common categories for qualifications -

  • HM The Queen is the patron of your organisation

  • HM The Queen is due to make an official visit

  • You are a government office (please contact us for further assistance)

In all instances authorisation will be granted by Buckingham Palace or the authorised issuing office if you are a member of the Armed Forces, Foreign & Commonwealth Office or any other Government office.

Can these images be used for commercial gain projects?
If you would like to use any of these images for use for a commercial project then please contact us either by e-mail using commercial enquiry form or by calling us on +44 (0)800 472 5577 For commercial projects we will need various pieces of information, such as:

  • Your contact details

  • Details of the project

  • Start and end dates of the project (if possible)

  • Quantity of each item being produced

  • Countries which the item is being exported to

  • Copy of layout / artwork

  • Unit cost of each item

  • Once we are in receipt of this information we will contact you regarding Copyright release.

All of these questions will need to be answered when completing the commercial enquiry form. No commercial projects will be authorised if Royal Images believes that it will harm any member of the Royal Family and their decision is final and unquestionable.
If authorisation has been granted for you / your organisation to use one of the Official images and it is found that you have breached the copyright use in any way then action will be taken against the person/organisation to whom the release has been granted.

Can I be sent an invoice and get the accounts department to pay for the print(s)?
Invoices can be issued in advance but no orders will be despatched until payment has been received. N.B. This does not apply to any government office as the prints will be despatched and payment can be processed in the normal manner.

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