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If you would like detailed information relating to ordering Official photographs regarding members of the Royal Family then please go to the FCO Intranet site or contact the FCO Protocol Division, London. The process for ordering official photographic portraits are as follows -

Royal Images can be found on the FCO Prism system supplier number 64607, therefore you can raise an official purchase order starting with the following four numbers '1201'. Once we have this purchase order we can send our invoice to central payments for it to be paid in pounds sterling locally and they will then make an internal charge to your post.

Packages are normally sent to one of the FCO forwarding depots such as Hanslope Park who will then forward the parcel on to you at post. If the parcel needs to be sent to you directly then please make sure that we are supplied with the FULL postal address at the time of placing your order.

Please ensure that your purchase order states all the required information - image reference, are the prints to be signed (yes or no), print size, framing required (yes or no), frame style, the name of the FCO post for whom the print(s) are for and if we are to invoice post directly then we will need the invoicing details as well.

Please ensure that you have read and understand the rules relating to charging of VAT to orders for The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Her Majesty The Queen
Only Sovereign posts can request official signed photographs of The Queen for display in the Mission or in the Head of Mission’s residence. Signed photographs, and replacement signed photographs, can be requested by writing to the Royal Households Secretariat, Protocol Directorate, who will consult with Buckingham Palace for approval. The current photograph must be returned to the Royal Households Secretariat before a replacement can be issued.

Royal Images acts as a central contact point for any FCO post which would like to obtain a photograph of any Member of the Royal Family. They are also able to advise on what photographs are available and co-ordinate obtaining the prints from other sources on your behalf. Prices may vary according to your requirements such as the size of the print required, framing, delivery etc. if it is to be sent directly to you via a courier especially if you are outside the UK.

For more information please contact:
Mike O'Keefe
Custodian of the Official Royal Image Library
Royal Images
PO Box 83
Bedfordshire SG19 2WH
Tel: +44 (0) 845 634 5577
Mobile: +44 (0)7980 847 147

Condolence photos
Condolence photographs are currently only available for the following members of the Royal Family but others may be available on request -

The Queen
The Duke of Edinburgh
Prince of Wales
Princess Royal

If you would like to order condolence photographs then please contact Mike O'Keefe directly via email - for more information or alternatively please call him on 0845 634 5577. Photographs are only available to government offices for condolences purposes.

If you would like detailed information relating to ordering Official photographs of members of the Royal Family then please go to the FCO Intranet site or contact the FCO Protocol Division, London.

General Guidelines
General guidelines are that each post can order any number of Official prints, framed or unframed, but are limited to the number of signed prints that they are allowed to have at any one time. If you are ordering a print to replace an older signed print or prints then you must return the signature portion of the mount to either Royal Images, The FCO Protocol Division or The Chief Clerk at Buckingham Palace ensuring that you make it clear where they have come from. We can receive your order in advance of the signatures but your prints will not be authrosied for signature until they have been received. Failure to comply with this request may cause delays to your order.