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Royal Images try to encourage the use of Official images for commercial gain projects. The rules are very strict with regards to what projects the images can be used with but at the same time are also based on common sense. We will not allow the use of any image with any project that will or could cause problems for any member of the Royal Family. The decision of Royal Images is final and cannot be over turned but we will try to help every project to gain approval. We will, where possible, help you in getting your project through the approval process but if your application is refused you will be told the exact reason as to why and not just a refusal letter.

The process is very simple and straightforward and most of it is done via email but in certain cases it will be easier to have a telephone conversation followed up by a confirmation email of that conversation. Once we receive your completed application form we will respond confirming receipt of your application and also starting the process of your application. We would be very grateful if you could reply to our emails rather start new emails for each reply, this helps keep the correspondence history together in one place.

Please phone as this form unavailable at the moment due to a technical issue

Your name
Your Company name
Are you an agent (design/advertising agency etc.) acting on behalf of another Company? If so, please supply your clients Company name
Project name or reference
Your phone number
Your email address
Start date of project
End date of project (if applicable)
Brief description of the project
Quantity of item that will be produced
Size of image that will be produced
Which image would you like to use
Please confirm that you are able to send us design proofs prior to going to production
Please confirm that the image will not be retouched or altered in any way without gaining written permission first
Please confirm that the image will only be used on this one project as shown on this application
Is there anything else that you would you like to add to the information above, if so please add them comments here
In most cases, a copy of the finished product is to be sent to us for our records. If this is not possible, please notify us now