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All applications are approved on its own merits using the information given within your application. If your application is successful then we will contact you with how we can assist you to proceed to completion. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any indication of costs or timescales as this can only be estimated once your application has been received and evaluated. All applications are processed in the same manner and on its own merits.In the first instance, all commercial enquiries must be submitted in writing by email. Once the email has been received we will confirm receipt of your application by reply email. If necessary, we will ask you for more information in order for us to be able to process your request fully and efficiently.

If you are successful in your application then you will automatically be awarded Worldwide usage of the image(s), on a non exclusive basis, for this project ONLY as per the content of your original application or the revised application only. Please note, that if there is any variation whatsoever to your original application then you must resubmit a your application via email as an amendment. The amended application does not necessarily mean that a new fee will need to be paid as in most cases this is for our records and is more or a notification unless the application has chang ed. If a rerun of the SAME or identical project is required then you will not necessarily need to submit another application but we would appreciate if you would inform us that a rerun is taking place. If there is anything that we can do to help the promotion of the item then please let us know and if we can help then we will do our best to assist.

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Royal Images are keen to help any commercial organisation to use any of the official images. It is a very simple process and the applications can normally be processed very quickly but starts with our commercial application form being submitted to us.

To give you an idea of the process here is an overview of how it will work

  1.  You submit your commercial application form to us
  2. We evaluate your application and come back to you with any questions that we may have
  3. Once you have replied to us with your questions, if we are have with your answers we will then send you a low resolution version of the image that you are interested in so that you can prepare mock up examples for final application through.
  4. Once you have your mock up ready to send to us we will then be able to confirm that all is well with your application.
  5. During the time of you producing your mock up and sending us the final mock up for approval we will be able to quote you a few for the copyright usage for your project. It is not possible to give any prices for copyright fees until we have all the information to hand i.e. project overview and rough mock up.
  6. If you agree to the copyright fee and we have approved your artwork then you will need to make the payment as agreed to Royal Images. Once payment has been received then a high resolution image will be emailed to you or your printers for the work to be carried out. Please note, this is a non exclusive usage and is only for the project as detailed in your application. If you wish to use the image for a new project then a new application will need to be submitted.
  7. Once you have produced the finished product you must send us a copy of the finished item as per the original application that you would have submitted to us.
  8. If in the future you need to produce more identical copies of the project then you do not need to come back to us but if it changes in any way then you must notify us prior to producing any items. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in action being taken and may lead to you having to recall the unauthorised items.
  9. Under no circumstances are you permitted to pass the image onto anybody else or display it on your web site or company literature as a picture on its own although you can display the item that you have been given permission to use the image with.

If you need any clarification on any of the above points then please contact us immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any organisation use these images?
Yes, every application is assessed independently and every application submitted using our commercial enquiry form is evaluated on its own merits.

Do you have to get approval?

Yes, every image is copyright protected and therefore ANY unathorised use of ANY of these images will be a breach of the copyright law.

Do you need to submit designs for approval?
If possible, but this is not essential but in some cases may be asked for before approval can be granted. 

How long does the process take?
This depends on the project, the content and the nature of use. In some cases it is straightforward and can be completed within 24 hours but in other cases it may take a lot longer due to your application needing approval from various people.

Does Royal Images ever refuse usage?
Yes. If it is an inappropriate usage or if it is felt that it would be harmful to any member of the Royal family then permission will not be granted. It is important for us to point out that our decision is final and cannot be overturned.

How is the image sent to you?
Normally, once approval has been granted you will be sent the image via email to the size required which is set to the resolution of 300 dpi.

Can we request a small image for producing a mock design for approval?
Yes, this is possible and is available on request. The image will be a low resolution image only to be used for producing your artwork for approval but this must not be used for anything else. By us sending you this image we must make it clear that this does not imply that you have been given approval or that your application has been accepted.

How much does it costs?
This depends on the project and each project is priced on its own merits. 

How do you pay the license fee?
You can pay by cheque, bank transfer (details will be given to you on request) or online.

Once you have the image can you use it for other projects within your organisation?
No. If you wish to use the image for other projects then you will need to submit an application form and start the approval process once again. As you are already known to us then this does make the process a lot quicker but does not mean that approval will be granted. 

What period of time is the license granted for?
There is no time limit on the approval so long as it is for the same item. It is important that you do not change the approved design in any way otherwise you will need to submit your application for approval once again.

What parts of the World can you sell your products in?

You can sell your products anywhere you wish as this will not effect the copyright agreement or usage that you have been given. For example, if you are granted permission to produce 500 items for sale in the UK and find it is a great success and wish to then sell that same item in USA then you do not need to notify us. 

Do you have to pay another fee if you need to produce more of the items that have already been authorised?
No. We are more than happy for you to produce and sell more items that you have been granted approval although this design must not change in anyway whatsoever.

What constitutes a change of design?
If you make any change to the final design that was approved by Royal Images will be viewed as a change to the original design. For example, a simple but obvious change that required a new application to be submitted was a Company was granted permission to produce a number of 6" commemorative plates with the image of the HM The Queen in the middle but they then wanted to produce 7" plates and this therefore required a new approval to be submitted. In this case, permission was granted on the same day as the application was submitted.

Can I crop or retouch an image?
No, cropping or retouching of any image will be allowed. In some circumstances cropping of the background may be permitted but please speak to us before you incur any cost in producing mock ups etc...

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Copyright Information

This web site comprises of and contains copyright protected materials. All the words and images (including logos, graphics etc) are copyright protected and are the ownership of Royal Images. You may not distribute, copy, publish or use any images or text or any part of any image or text found on this web site in any way whatsoever. You must not alter, manipulate, add to or delete an image or text or any part of an image or text without our written consent. No images can be used for commercial purposes whatsoever without the written concent that can only be granted by Royal Images. 

Royal Images are the only organisation that are able to give you permission to use any of the images or text found on this web site. If you are interested in using any of these images for commercial gain projects then you will need to contact us. Copyright for all the images remains with Royal Images at all times and Royal Images will never allow images to be used on an exclusive basis as the images are for mass usage and distribution by Royal Images.

Where ever permission has been granted to use an image for charitable purposes then our copyright message must be displayed next to the image © Failure to do so will revoke your permission to use the image and may affect future applications.

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